By milf / Monday 6 August 2012 01:10 / United States - Muncie
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  Sandsh8rk  |  36

Sounds like you have a shitty situation on your hands. :D

By  boating_guy  |  33

Sounds like a shi--
*stoned to death by the FML community*

But hey, you were already changing his diaper, so it coulda been worse! And be happy his first word was "Momma"!

Oh, and tell him about this when he's a teenager. It'll be funny to everyone...but him. He'll be embarresed.

By  notsorandomguy  |  18

"Milf"? You mean, you want to fuck yourself? I don't know if this is disturbing or what.... Well, that aside, that makes for an awesome embarassing childhood story.

By  Fmlsea  |  26

well that's a FML and a YDI , fml because that would suck to get shit on and YDI for making him shit in the first place lol.

  sleet7  |  4

Read and understand the FML before posting your in-depth analysis. To avoid any confusion, no where in the post does it say the mother was shit on.

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