By Anonymous / Thursday 21 January 2016 03:16 / United States - Houston
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  gichikku  |  14

That's because customers try things on, it's most likely not the stores fault or the supplier. This is why you should wash anything you buy before wearing it.

  doemetoch  |  28

It's really not the store's fault. Unfortunately, loads of people have lice and aren't aware of it (yet), or don't get proper treatment soon enough. Lice really don't survive for a long time when they're not on someone's head, you'll usually get them through actual physical contact with someone else (which is why kids get them easily, they tend to be in close physical contact with other kids while playing.) When you try on a hat that has been tried on by somebody who has lice, say, an hour ago, there's a chance that some of the lice stayed in the hat and might get on your head. This can really happen anywhere where a lot of people try on hats, OP just had bad luck, there's not much the store can do to change this.


Today, I found out why my thesis supervisor made me change my whole project I was working on for the past 3 months. Apparently, he had another student doing the same thing and they published it today. FML

By mixedupminx - / Monday 6 February 2017 15:06 / Netherlands - Wageningen

Today, I had to take a drugs test at work. Later, I found out it was my fiancé's mother who called our hotline. Her reason: I work till 6 pm, her "baby" should eat before that, but he can't cook, so I should quit my job. He is 35. And he thinks I should apologize for upsetting her at dinner. FML

By Dobche - / Thursday 6 August 2015 11:16 / Bulgaria - Burgas
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