By FallCameEarly - / Thursday 27 February 2014 06:21 / United States - Alhambra
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By  whatwhatindayeah  |  11

I guess you could say you wer'nt READy Haha
I'm a terrible person .....

By  mpkpm  |  19

Sounds like you've got book worms... No?...shit, I guess I'll be leaving

By  khaoticpanda  |  28

Cliche librarian problems haha

By  Queensland  |  27

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  ptoka  |  19

But it doesn't say OP was stacking, it says shelving, in which case he was probably on a ladder for the somewhat high shelves since that's the safest way. One wrong shift in weight and the whole thing got off balance and fell.

  doubleddun  |  9

Usually the shelves are made of metal not wood but they are very sturdy. It would take a lot to get them to fall over so I have a suspicion op is lying.

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