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Ok I looked it up and found the exact words. This is copied from Wikipedia

[Yelling to Dory, when they are being "swallowed" by the whale] No you can't, you think you can do these things but you can't, Nemo! [stops and gasps] (Marlin said the same to Nemo)

  DraconicFeline  |  31

Heh.. I know that movie so well I could have quoted the exact words without looking them up :P

  Patty410  |  11

Never trust Wikipedia.

By  746278Ab  |  14

What a jerk!


No .. Not Jerk .. Just a Comedian. Plus He Calls Her whale. She Can Call Him babyCarrot.

By  shaww  |  28

Whale that... *gets shot*

  LinkandSaria  |  10

I am not sure why the people of FML are so serious about everything. They need to lighten up and enjoy these little jokes and puns instead of thumbs down them to oblivion!

By  Jojohn0  |  23

Whale that's unfortunate

By  mackdeezy  |  19

Whale that aint nice... then again, you could tell him where the couch and some blankets are.

By  _Minato  |  8

Hopefully this will only last for a little while.

  sapphiregirly  |  11

A little whale,you mean?

By  LinkandSaria  |  10

He is probably under pressure too. Good luck OP!


Under pressure from what? Being able to go about his business as normal? Not having something growing inside him? Not being at risk for illnesses and complications pregnancy can cause? Not being affected by hormones and cravings? Sounds difficult.

By  False_Stupidity  |  41

Maybe he wants to be a free willy?

By  njace  |  3


  Nilorak  |  24

Don't you mean "whalehole"?

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