By mainlineloser - / Friday 28 November 2014 05:25 / United States - Narberth
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  starile  |  19

I'm wondering why on earth he's playing such a game with his family, let alone with grandma! I play that game with friends as we're all getting drunk and then hook ups happen soon after

By  foxmatrix15  |  8

No idea how to react to that dunno if it's a FML or win for rose bushes I can't scientifically prove that doesn't help them.

By  klenorris  |  15

Your grandfather sounds like a legend!

  ethan_unoxx  |  29

1. Talking about foreskin buried in rose bushes? No, I don't think so. and 2. Its OP's grandmother. Either way, I wouldn't call them a legend.

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