By jellymoon14 / Thursday 28 July 2011 22:25 / United States
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  dolphincheddar  |  10

ha u got fired for sucking at your job

  saaaalt  |  4

How funny would it be if you went to get your job back & applied only to find out that you didn't meet the company standards lol that's the only way to find out if you got fired I guess...

  Furnaceman  |  0

in Canada, that's illegal. they have to offer the job to anyone they laid off by law, unless you actually got fired, which it sounds like based on your story

By  cristalx33  |  0


  jacob12311  |  4

I saw you on YouTube!!!!!!

By  kroekdog  |  7

oh no they didn't!

By  tettles  |  0

cutbacks my foot

By  ProudTexan117  |  0

although I agree that it sucks, you've gotta wonder why they would do that. I mean, there's some people at my job now that don't pull their weight at work and the same will probably happen to them. we'll have "cutbacks" then a hiring frenzy

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