By cnamobi / Thursday 28 April 2011 16:51 / United States
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  MissBunny25  |  0

quit your bitching and enjoy the show that will play out in front of you. few people get to look out a window as they relieve themselves. consider yourself lucky. I know I'm fucking jealous of you. as are the people who use latrines (boners), be fucking grateful, stupid bastard. -.-

  robbiboyo  |  0

it's actually the safest int the bathroom cause the piping goes deep as hell, so when the tornado finally hits At least you'll see it, the grab the sink.


I feel like y'all have never been in a tornado watch. My friends in NC, the OPs state, had one a week ago. Their house is now GONE! So don't tell OP to quit whining unless your going to take his place! And watch the news, Over 200 people were killed by a tornado just yesterday! I lost one of my cousuns due to a tornado in AL yesterday!!

  Iskaria  |  0

Why do people live in such high risk tornado/earthquake zones, it's so silly... it's like surprise suicide lol... it's not like there aren't enough relatively 'safe' places to live in the world.

This is my way of saying YDI :)

  amart402  |  0

North Carolina is NOT a high risk tornado area. I love here, and just last week we had the worst group of tornadoes here in decades which killed dozen in NC alone, and yesterday almost 300 people were killed in Alabama and other states, so the OP's concern is legitimate.
However, nothing came from today's storms, and even if it did, I would rather have soiled my pants and gotten to safety than get blown away in a tornado.

  littlemissFYL  |  5

and #99, that was such an idiotic comment. you are really messed up in the head if you think a tornado is someones fault, and that is even coming from ME. you expect for people to leave their jobs, friends and family and move just like that? haha, well if it's so easy please demonstrate it for others and I!

  EatnBeef  |  7

you are the biggest idiot on the website. I live in Oklahoma, dead center of tornado alley. people will not just get up and leave caz of tornadoes. some don't have a choice but to live here. you talk like people are idiots for living where they do, yet you are the idiot for not understanding real life is not as easy as you think it is. gl

  Naomimi_fml  |  6

99, you live in Northern Ireland. These rare tornados in NC are not nearly as threatening as the situation around where you live.

Basically, I'm saying that almost every place on earth has it's dangers. North Carolina is probably one of the safest places in the US to live, geographically (if you go south, there's hurricanes; west, more severe tornados; way west, earthquakes). I know it's fun to argue on FML but maybe you should argue about something you know more about, hmm?

  rocketeer_97  |  1

179- not exactly. here in california, we have earthquakes, but most of the time we dont even feel them. everyone on the west coast assume we have 6.8 earthquakes everyday, when truly we dont.

By  Zestus  |  19

Wasn't there once a guy who was in the crapper when a tornado came and picked his bathroom up and deposited it like 200 yards away? Not making that up.

  Emster689  |  0

not gonna lie my dad told me that his friends husband was that guy ! :P

By  MC18  |  0

Call the waaaaambulance. Take a pot.

By  borkchop1992  |  15

oh no a straw is gona shoot through the window and stab you in the eye!

By  allmidnighteyes  |  10

How the fuck do you get tornadoes in North Carolina? I thought those were concentrated in the midwest region, not the east coast.

  Niaa_fml  |  0

13 He's right. North Carolina is located in the East coast and tornadoes mainly occur in the mid-West, although NC gets tornadoes but very rarely (Less than 20 a year). There was a breakout of tornadoes this month though.


Read: CONCENTRATED in the midwest (because that's where most of them are because you don't see them in fucking Alaska). That doesn't mean exclusive to the midwest. I just said I didn't know there were occurrences of them that far east. HURR A DURR THTURR


you know there was a tornado in ny state right? around a week ago...
Over Seneca lake....
technically it's called a water spout but that's because it was over a lake and sucked up the water

and a few years back there was a tornado that ripped through miles of woods near my In laws

also living in Eastern upstate ny....

  monsterguru  |  0

I used to live in Indiana and we had plenty of tornados, and when I moved down here I thought that there would be less then up north but apparently eery couple of years the tornados are really bad. I was surprised.

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