By Username / Saturday 12 November 2011 02:04 / United States
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so... did you give him candy?

  leogirl95  |  12

After I read the first sentence, I was like, what? This fml is fake! Then I saw the two weeks ago and was like, oh okay..

By  coltsrock37  |  15

Dress as a bipolar guy. When he comes to the door, say your his twin

  Ranimal  |  12

No, he doesn't. Yet I see more and more posts from the idiot in which he either doesn't make a bit of sense or are just completely off the wall stupid.

  LiveLaughFML  |  10

really, #5? what has our world come to? he's just a little kid!

if you're going to do it right, get into the Halloween spirit and use pumpkins instead of oranges and apples! :D

  youngbuck10  |  9

Let me throw an apple at you and see if hurts! Kids aren't stupid and they know better than to kick people. It's sad there are people in this world who let kids do whatever they want just because "they are just little kids". Get a sense of humor, geez!

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