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I want to give some credit to the girl, it wasn't really her fault. I had gone to a river with some of my friends, and one of them tried to hook me up with her (I guess because we went to the same school?), which lead to this response from her. I was also more than 50 ft away, and not looking at anyone in particular, so I wouldn't think it was she/my friend was reading body language.
By CCrew42 - / Friday 21 November 2014 00:27 / United States - Vancouver
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  muzy  |  23

Some people are just like that. No point losing any sleep over them. OP should have replied with something like "Well done. You want a cookie?" and walk off casually.

  PoptartsKid  |  13

It just means your looks are influential enough to immediately make her intimidated ;) she was reminding herself she had a boyfriend, so she wasn't tempted by you, OP.... Yeah that's gotta be it....

  Setareh23  |  34

I wonder though if OP really had been interested in her and was giving any really obvious non-verbal signals (accidentally or not) or was planning on making any moves, or if perhaps there was a rumor and someone told her he was planning on asking her out? I mean it's still a tad rude and definitely unwise to reject someone before they ask you out, even if you are reasonably certain they are interested in you, but... My opinion of her would be better if she was simply a socially awkward girl who correctly read the signals (or was misled by others or perhaps her own ego) and tried to immediately spare OP the trouble/time of trying to woo her, verses if she was simply being a conceited bitch who said that line in a manner which clearly showed (by the tone) that she felt superior to OP and meant to be rude and insulting.


Its kind of a lose-lose situation. If he would've been flirting with her and let it continue on and then he found out she had a boyfriend he would've chewed her out for "leading him on." And the other option is to do what she did and say "I have a boyfriend" in which most guys would try to defend themselves saying "I just want to be friends" which we all know isn't true.

  134257  |  18

#58 Or you get into my situation, and weren't trying to talk to her whatsoever.

By  stfudonnie  |  10

well now you don't need too

  134257  |  18

#2 What, talk to her? I never planned to.

  MrConcise  |  34

I have some body language for you. It's a thumbs up or a middle finger. Take a guess. :)

  134257  |  18

#37, she would honestly be acting pretty calm if that's what I had been doing. Or she would of agreed to it, which would of made her comment odd, but reasonable, I guess.

By  Algorithm  |  24

I wonder if you did something instead of saying something, even if you didn't mean to. If you didn't and she's someone who gets off on being rude for no reason, it probably really sucks to be her boyfriend anyway.

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