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Elle dansait, elle tournait, elle tourbillonnait sur un vieux tapis de Perse, jeté négligemment sous ses pieds ; et chaque fois qu'en tournoyant la rayonnante figure passait devant vous, ses grands yeux noirs vous jetaient un éclair. Autour d'elle tous les regards étaient fixes, toutes les bouches ouvertes ; et en effet, tandis qu'elle dansait ainsi, au bourdonnement du tambour de basque que ses deux bras ronds et purs élevaient au-dessus de sa tête, mince, frêle et vive comme une guêpe, avec son corsage d'or sans pli, sa robe bariolée qui se gonflait, avec ses épaules nues, ses jambes fines que sa jupe découvrait par moments, ses cheveux noirs, ses yeux de flamme, c'était une surnaturelle créature. "
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  • Beginner

    You have looked through 5 pages of the website. That’s a start.
  • This isn't what should be happening

    You've set the cat off again, he's started pushing fruit out of bodies of water. Well done, wrong turn. Go back.
  • Verified

    You are certified FML now
  • My name is, my name is, my name is... Slim Shady?

    You took your first steps inside the chatroom. Welcome!
  • Checking you out

    You checked out the profile page belonging to one of the last people to have a look at your profile.
  • Socialite

    You used FML’s private messaging service for the first time. Will they reply? Wait and see…
  • It's in the can!

    Hey, you uploaded your photo, and you’re cute as a kitten!
  • Who’s the fairest of them all?

    This is now the third time you’ve changed your profile pic.
  • Gandhi

    You have 200 followers. Everyone follows you. You should watch your mouth.
  • I'm a rock star

    You have 100 followers. Your head's in the game.
  • Tommy Wiseau

    You have 50 followers and we quite frankly don't know how you managed it.
  • What'ch'all looking at?

    You have put three pictures on your profile, but not necessarily pictures of your profile.
  • One more and it's business time

    You've received 68 Hugs on your profile. Kinky.
  • The return of the thumb

    You have thumbed 5000 comments.
  • A new thumb

    You’ve used your thumb on 1000 comments.
  • Censored

    Not one, not two, but 50 pages of the Intimacy category read. No comment.
  • The thumb strikes back

    You have left your thumbprint on 2500 comments.
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