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OP here. I made an account just to give everyone more details. This girl and I were friends a loooong tine ago and stopped being friends for many reasons. Well, when she was dating my boyfriend she cheated on him and he left her. Over a year later, I started dating him after she gave me her blessing and told me about her new fiancé and kid on the way and about how happy she was. A year later I find the fake account under a different name filled with posts about me, my love life and about how awful we did her. One post blatantly said that my mother called her all the time mocking me and giving her my personal info so she can stalk me even more. I also found many comments where my mom asked her to text her or call her and many comments from my friend, who is someone I've known for four years but talk to every now and then, talking about me as well. Apparently both of them pretended to be on my side while they helped her stalk me, my boyfriend and roommate. This girl found out who I was living with, where I was living and even knew everything about my love life because of my mother. I've deleted all my social media, including my Facebook just to get this girl off my back. My mother denied everything, didn't apologize and hasn't attempted to speak to me since. I last spoke to her about a month ago, more or less.