By Anonymous / Monday 19 September 2011 20:27 / United States
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  Bbhd05  |  0

Burned? Or owned?

  heylesha  |  8

i see what you did there

By  shanie123  |  10

Fyl lol but that's funny

By  jackii1313  |  9

Maybe it's just peach fuzz...very noticeable peach fuzz? Hahaha, fyl

By  zombicidal  |  11

magnum P.I. is a jerk

By  ShroomsOnAcid  |  15

Ouch...Well, women are always complaining about what a chore it is to shave, and what a pain it is to wax, and how long it takes to pluck, so just embrace it as your new preferred method of hair removal. It's quick, easy, and totally fuckin awesome. And if you do it right, your moustache might never grow back!

  Bbhd05  |  0

How the fuck does your comment have 0 thumbs up?! *thumbs up*

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