By Anonymous / Tuesday 21 February 2012 19:24 / Germany
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By  MagicGiraffe  |  12

Dang me sucky sucky :/

  Danny0522  |  8

No shit

  blackheart24  |  10

If you're going to have the first comment, you at least have to make it good. No shit it sucks. Douche bag. This art teacher obviously didnt know wtf they were talking about.

  MagicGiraffe  |  12

19, I've never had the first comment before. So I am a douche bag, even though I haven't done anything wrong to you at all.

  MurphyS94  |  4

This was OP's fault. I'm assuming this sculpture is made of a clay considering the advice from the teacher. OP obviously let it soak for far too long because clay doesn't just dissolve once it touches water. Then again, I suppose it could also just not be clay. It was just the scenario that I thought of.

  thegr8tdbate  |  4

What the teacher probably meant was for OP to get it wet not drown it in water. Most anything I can think of right now that could be stuck back together by dunking In water wouldn't dissolve immediately it would have to be left in running water for a while. Maybe my memory is just bad. Either way it's OP's fault for not know the properties of the material being worked with, it's not the art teachers fault for assuming trying to give helpfull advice.

By  fistnazal  |  10

Ummmm... How long did you leave them In water exactly...?? You Germans and you're beer... Jay Kay jay Kay, I zeh Germans!

  fistnazal  |  10

Oh yes, a REAL badass, you've exposed my life long goal. And I guess none of you have watched the chapelle show? So I'll just stop. Suckin' old man dicks for life it is!

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