By Anonymous - / Saturday 14 June 2014 06:42 / Canada - Regina
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By  NicH1799  |  20

Ooooooohhhh when do they come? I can't wait for mine!

  NicH1799  |  20


  llamaslikesoda  |  21


  jad0016  |  12

It'd be funny if he went a little further and actually ordered one off a website (a toy of course) XD but serious don't do it you'll screw up her innocent mind

By  ninad7  |  12

did they ever come??

By  DARKDAY07  |  16

and you believe this?..... education has fiailed again


yes, clearly it has "fiailed"

  brand125  |  17

10 - um, it seems as though the sister (and op when she was her sisters age) is very young. we ALL had to be told (or overhear/see for our selves) what gender has what parts when we were within the first few years of our life, just like at somepoint someone had to have shown you how to wipe your own ass. so the sister may not be dumb if shes a todler, who are very impressionable and would believe these things. if the sister was like 8, then yes she failed.

By  JaffaMC  |  12

"You're a boy, Harry." Nobody...? ok

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