FML - The follow-up

Today, my neighbor tried to shoot my dog but missed and hit a rock. A shard of the bullet hit me in the leg and fractured my shin. Hello from the ER. FML

KingSquisher Say more :
The dog was in the neighbors property "chasing the livestock" she told animal control when in reality the dog was playing with the horse. I went out to retrieve my dog when she shot. Probably didn't see me. The dog has escaped several times to several locations the past three years
By KingSquisher / Thursday 22 December 2016 02:00 / United States - Modesto
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#42 Well shit as long as we're in the swing of punishing people for the possibility of someone or something getting hurt let's round up everybody who drives, plays sports and god knows what else. According to OP the dog was playing with the horse (I'm comfortable assuming OP is truthful) and sure things could happen but it's an animal and it was an innocent act. Im not saying that a dog wanting to play is an automatic justification for repeated trespassing or damage but it's not grounds for shoo


...not to mention the negligent discharge of a firearm that lead to injury and could have lead to death. Much as I love dogs, the felony charges on that would stick for a much more severe punishment


Might even be bumped up to unlawful discharge depending on the city and state laws regarding firearm use against property, and if it can be proven that the dog wasn't being a threat.


Unless there was a legit reason to shoot the dog. My neighbors and I have a prior understanding that I will shoot their dog if it kills any more of my chickens, and I will fully follow through. I won't shoot towards the owner, however, like this dumbass.

in this situation I'm going to be "one of those people." call the cops on his ass and then sue his ass. he needs to go to jail. first off, he kind of shot you. that's some shit right there. Buuut he tried to shoot your dog first. hell no. I'd be beating some ass. I like my fur babies more than I like most people so it would definitely be on. I'm glad the pup is Okay and I'm glad your injury wasn't worse than your leg, bc it could have been worse, for sure. good luck with everything.

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