By assholedad - / Friday 21 June 2013 18:05 / United States - Dayton
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By  BrookieAnn  |  19

Tell him to piss off

By  BrookieAnn  |  19

Tell him to piss off


I like to hit people in the penis when they go over board with puns

By  mariepastyglue  |  29

You should have taken better care of yourself but you didn't.! That's why urine this mess in the first place...

  andy1500726  |  19

I currently have a UTI, and let me tell u they happen at random. even infants sometimes get them, so Its not a question of taking care of your self. next time u try to blame someone make sure u know what ur saying!

  Sputnikspak  |  13

Yeah, UTIs aren't really something you can always prevent. I'm prone to them (and kidney problems) because I have Lupus. It doesn't matter what I do, I always get a couple every year.

By  andrew6p  |  19

Wow ur dad's lame and annoying! Reminds me of a scene in a movie i once watched!

By  AngelSpit  |  18

You know OP on a sucky scale from 1-10 I think you're an eight :)

By  mcrepas  |  19

Sounds like you're pretty "pee-'oed" about that.

  mcrepas  |  19

Well it would appear that I don't know what the word means since I used it in the wrong way. What can I say? I'm a goob sometimes. I guess I should have written that 'people don't understand my humor or lack there of' instead of sarcasm. My bad folks

By  chocolateisyum  |  12

It sounds like all these puns are making you a little pee'd off.

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