By Anonymous / Wednesday 3 November 2010 18:10 / United Kingdom
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  madarchod  |  30

Don't tell me after getting your car keys you walked back all the way to your car, coz that will not be FML anymore but will be "I am so stupid that I don't deserve to write FML"


Reminds me off the time me and bear grylls were lost in a nature preserve, he told me that the only way to survive was for us to make sweet love....thanks to bear im still alive today

  TooAsianMane  |  30

Yo the flirt, my friend said he saw your profile pic on this porn site. haha that's pretty sad dude. seems that you like 3 sums with the guys being bi. gross man.

  pooper19  |  30

I heard that if u have crabs and u hold a mirror in front of your crotch they will all jump off thinking that it's another crotch is this true?

  Person000  |  30

#73 did this friend who happened to be on a gay porn site happen to be you? and yes 'the flirts' picture is probably fake, he's just trying to act cool.

  xBIG_Dx  |  30

#88 to me two guys kissing is nasty and i start to throw up when i see it also, and fwi it doesnt make me a homophobe it just means im not gay

  dudeitsdanny  |  30

No, it means you're both whiny pussies =) I'm straight, I've seen plenty of men kissing, especially when I'm up near Castro in SF. I've never felt disgust. Maybe I'm not trying to overcompensate to hide something, though.. But the two of you need to get your heads out of your asses(as much as you may enjoy it), and stop exaggerating, because it makes you look like pricks trying to hide their homosexuality by butching it up and overcompensating.

  Zebidee  |  30

Danny, In my experience, the biggest mistake straight guys make about homosexuality is that it in some way revolves around them. How many times have you heard a straight guy go "That dude's a fag! What if he tries to have sex with me?!!" or "Lesbians - hurr - 3sum". In both cases, there's very little chance that either would happen. I'm straight, but I'm not an idiot.


114, you're an idiot. If you're walking for four hours, you're going to get blisters. Not always, but for someone who isn't used to walking that much, then yes. Obviously OP isn't accustomed to it if he/she had to write an FML about the walk.

  TitDirt  |  30

Maybe its because you're such an idiot that they wanted to clone you in hopes of making less of a dumb ass but failed and now they have double the idiocy on their hands.

  Zebidee  |  13

#133 - I used to have kangaroo pretty often in Australia, but here in Germany, it's as rare as - well - kangaroo meat. They're big into game meats here though, which is more or less the same. #112 - what was the 'huh?' to? The horse sausage comment? It's the first time I've ever tried it, but it's not that unusual outside of the English-speaking world. Google 'horse meat' for a quick overview.

  binkybaby  |  14

I'm not sure about other people, but I've done it. I had just gotten my new car, and didn't realize that the doors lock after you start it...but more like a minute after, so I got out and closed the door and PRESTO keys in locked car.

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