By LinaLinaYeah - / Friday 9 December 2011 16:26 / Canada
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By  flockz  |  19

now orange you glad your mom didn't raisin hell for that pear of banana boxers? please, honeydew a normal date next time and save your passionfruit for the bedroom. you cantaloupe have your boyfriend's acorny boxers if your mom does the laundry. fig(ure) a better place to olive, and then your boyfriend can squash you with his cucumber and everything will be peachy.

By  Turboblaze  |  0

You....love your bofriemd so much you kept his boxers? Not just any boxers but banana boxers. Lol

  rhysfucker  |  24

I think Turboblaze was trying to make the point that OP's Mom didn't find just any boxers, but boxers that imply that OP's man is hung with a "big banana".

  Jovecove  |  13

I hope those boxers don't have cream in them.

  emmanizzer  |  6

My friend Keenan once had boxers that had little weiner dogs on them and said, "Find the Weiner". :)

By  CanWeMicrowaveIt  |  11

Really don't see how this is that bad... Your mom didn't even react how my girlfriends would have. Consider yourself lucky haha. And did your boyfriend go home without boxers?? Haha

  erikaa916  |  0

exactly, if she had learned how to do her own damn laundry she wouldn't have gotten caught. stupid teens, can't even wash their own clothes but they think they're mature enough to have sex.

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