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  humorizer  |  7

At least you're in good hands now! Or was it "they a good neighbor, Allstate is there"? No, that's state farm. Darn it. Yeah, it's gotta be allstate. That's the one with darth vader.

By  QTp13  |  26

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By  Nikiebear226  |  6

If I had been looking at this from the itouch app, I would think it wasn't that bad, because for some reason only 0 shows up for numbers. But now I see what really happened. Fyl.

By  shoieb9  |  28

I think it is just the explanation he has given it to you... there might be certain things which are covered under that insurance when compared to another.

  jisaac09  |  28

That has to be the case, all major nation-wide insurance companies offer similar rates for comparative coverage. If Geico really was $500 more for the same coverage they would never get any business. Most likely the Geico policy has better coverage with a lower deductible.

By  slut_monster_des  |  6

I'd be careful if I were you OP, your husband might be a pedophile if he has so much trouble resisting "cute little things" or maybe, you have an out of control drinking problem, your husband needed some DUI insurance, and he needed to spend that extra money so you wouldn't drink it away along with all of your dreams? Ya.

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