Today, my friends threw me a Halloween themed party for my sweet sixteen. When I arrived, one of my friends jumped out from behind the door, dressed as Michael Myers. I peed myself in front of everyone I knew. FML

By lolu / Sunday 10 October 2010 21:45 / United States
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  charliebot  |  4

101, I have lived in Tennessee my whole life. Grammar is extremely important to me. The stereotype that everyone in the south have extremely southern accents, walk around in ten-gallon hats, and have really bad grammar is false.


Funnier how you apparently don't know what a context clue actually is... I know what you meant, silly goose. I just liked that you don't think I know about sarcasm (yeah, your original "coment," I get it) when I was being a little sarcastic in mine.


the point you are both missing is that a man wearing a jump suit and mask that completely covered there face jumping out from behind something would scare the piss out of anyone, regardless of what day it is.


Today, in my psychology class we were covering OCDs. I have an issue with creased paper and my best friend brought it up, so for the next hour my class mates sat screwing up paper to see how long I could continuously have a panic attack. FML

By Annieisnotokay / Wednesday 17 April 2013 10:20 / United Kingdom
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