By Anonymous / Wednesday 1 July 2015 19:09 / United States
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All I can imagine is OP doing that thing in cartoons where they run in place for a few seconds, then take off with smoke behind them.

Was there nothing to indicate that your original flight had been moved to a different gate? A sign or some kind of announcement?


Typically boarding passes say to check the screens for any gate changes to avoid things like this...


Last night my app said my flight was at one gate, when the shuttle driver check it was at a different gate/terminal, when I was dropped off it was back to the other side. Sadly you have to check like every 5min.


Agreed. The worst is when this happens and then you have to stay the night in a hotel in your connecting flight city.

Sorry, OP. Maybe next time you could see if there's an app or something to connect you to last minute information like that.

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