By Anonymous - / Wednesday 1 July 2015 18:56 /
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By  Mauskau  |  35

Plot twist, OP is the girlfriend.

  RenoTheRhino  |  30

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By  fakedsincerity  |  32

Send him back a gross infected dick pic and he'll never make that mistake again

  eliotherbst  |  9

OP is a female

  ItsDutch  |  16

I'd much rather accidentally get a message like this, rather than getting a picture of a family members dirty bits. On account of OP's behalf, hopefully it was just a mistake.

  DFMLharsh  |  20

Enough of the therapist advises please. It was just a message. You don't need a therapist for a lousy message.

By  _t_devon_t_  |  12

I'm really wondering if he perhaps sent that to the wrong person

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