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You can be living free and have no job, no money. My ex couldn't hold a job, I paid our rent and bills, she always complained about not having money. Not having money is a reason to complain about not having money.


Considering it says that he MAKES twice as much as OP, I think we can safely assume that he does indeed have a JOB. Therefore, your argument here is invalid.


My mistake - OP's follow-up makes it clear that he's actually retired, which means he's probably got a pension. However, any pension that is twice as much as even a BASIC living wage (minimum wage) is a fairly decent one, and he should be able to have a fairly high standard of living, unless he squanders it all on useless BS. He needs to stop complaining.

I have the same issue with my friends. I have one in particular who has huge 2 bedroom apartment to himself filled with dc/marvel memorabilia and he eats out all the time, he is on centrelink (welfare) and doesn't work.

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