By Apes - / Monday 25 March 2013 07:18 / United States - Temecula
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  retyi43  |  14

i love cats, but i could definitely live without them

  Hiawassee  |  9

I thought this was weird ... As we cna all see, your name is " ArielTheMermaid" & you said " cat's are assholes "
I have a cat named Ariel, after the mermaid, who isn't very fond of most people ... ;)

By  loserman67  |  35

Hide behind the door and scare the shit out of her the next time she does that or better yet, kick the shit out of her. I agree with ArielTheMermaid, cats are assholes.

  theawkwardlife  |  21

Then grab her by the tail and throw her out the window. That'll teach her not to open your door. (y)

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