By shitty situation / Monday 28 January 2013 23:02 / Canada - Toronto
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By  Imhere4fml  |  24

There were probably some in the house and he saw it, therefore telling your mother before he eats some accidentally when your mother gives him some ? Now imagine that instead.

  ctdawes  |  3

do you know what kale chips are? its just kale that's been cooked in the oven so it's gets a little crispy. it's not really something you just have laying around.. kale is a lettuce like vegetable, in case you didn't know


Today, I'm getting over strep throat. The antibiotics they gave me make me have diarrhea unless I eat yogurt in between each pill. That wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't lactose-intolerant. Yogurt gives me really bad gas. So I have to choose between painful gas or diarrhea. FML

By anon7113 - / Saturday 8 January 2011 10:16 / United States
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