By bad son / Thursday 14 June 2012 17:42 / United States - Baldwin Park
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By  kumar1995  |  4

sorry ,hope u win next time


Anyone else wondering what the ultimate gift was? I'm gonna guess chipmunk num-chucks.


14 - didn't think that itself was the gift, you don't need to be a bitch because I slightly miss read the FML.

  RigPig  |  3

23) OP was talking about the lottery. Derp Derp.
17) Dont swear at someone because she corrected you; you know the old saying about arguing on the Internet. Derp Derp.

By  gabe222  |  25

Sounds like a Christmas gift my dad got for my brother and I. All losers...

  gabe222  |  25

You are correct, all lost so pretty big bummer. Didn't say I didn't appreciate the gift. A gift is a gift no matter what it is. Could always get nothing.

  plaguer  |  26

Because going out of your way to let a stranger know you dislike his personal profile picture makes you look any better.

  EyesofStone  |  27

It totally is the thought that counts. I got someone 10 scratch-offs once. Didn't win anything at all, but he was still happy to have gotten anything at all. I'm sure your mom felt the same. :)

By  babe7260  |  30

Brothers, they always gotta try to be Mom's favorite !!! Lol

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