By Anonymous / Friday 30 January 2015 23:31 / United States - Iowa City
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By  organizse  |  28

Privacy, much?


I dont believe the comma was necessary in your sentence. Also im pretty sure he was just trying to get them to stop in a weird way

By  Livin_Like_Larry  |  29

On the bright side, OP's family must be close to your boyfriend

  201chasew  |  22

He may have heard them, and his comment may have made them awkward enough to stop.

  iShanny  |  13

I assumed the brother was being sarcastic, trying to get them to stop or be more quiet, and the boyfriend didn't take the hint. If I'm wrong, then that's super creepy.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  22

@iShanny You could be right but the boyfriend saying "Sure" may not be that he didn't take the hint. It may simply be that he doesn't care. Why should they bother quieting down when the brother already knows what they are doing? Realistically, since it's their house, why should they quiet down at all. If the brother doesn't want to listen he can turn up the television, play loudish music, put on headphones, or go elsewhere for a little while.

By  MzZombicidal  |  36

Maybe it was just some goofy joke they made up? Lol.
I wouldn't be too upset, though.
Your brother didn't barge in and you didn't get interrupted! Win-win! :P

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