By HeSaysImNoBeard - / Thursday 26 November 2009 16:47 / United States
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  The_Pleb  |  0

Whoa there, twilight is a good movie, the only reason people are precieved "gay" for liking it, is because billions upon billions of teenage girls are in an orb of obsession over it. Besides theres hot women on the film? faggots F all you igonorant people O and this is officialy the 3rd comment on this FML Sue me? WIN +100


Gay? Possibly. I think what really happened was that the bf took his gf to see twilight in an attempt to get her in bed. But, evidently it did not work. He ended up getting horny instead.

  SFMember  |  0

You are both idiots. No, I've never seen the second Twilight. Yes, I've seen Twilight. Sure its a chick flick. But so is the Notebook, which all of you men out there who have watched this with your women have liked. It doesn't make you gay or any lesser of a person for liking this movie, even though they made vampires out to look like little whiny bitches who sparkle in the sun instead of die... Whatever. (No, I don't like the movie, but don't judge people on what entertains them.) Also, OP, this isn't a FML, its a "Wow, my boyfriend is a sensitive guy". Which, is that a bad thing? Women complain a lot because men are insensitive, so, you got a good one?

  zargon  |  1

@#66: I agree with the majority of your post, except the end. It's still an FML because, regardless of sex and gender, you are dating someone who likes Twilight. And, no, I'm not one of those "OMG TWILIGHT SUX BECUZ IT IS POPLAR" people. Twilight is continuously teaching young girls really terrible values (I fear for the number of girls who wish guys would be "like Edward". "Like Edward" means being an abusive, paedophilic stalker) and you should be ashamed of yourself if you would support that at all. I would personally be unable to date someone (man, woman, or otherwise) who would support Twilight.

By  X0XyentroucX0X  |  0

lol wow i can understand seeing any movie once but twice is just kinda weird, i would go online if i wanted to see it a second time. anyway have fun sharing your thanksgiving meal of a bucket of popcorn.

  dnlphm94  |  0

Usually the girl in the relationship is the twilight fanatic. It's the thought that it's the other way around in this situation that makes it funny.

  americayay  |  0

Thank you and agreed. Who fucking cares what anyone else likes? Post something interesting people. And how's this any different than any other movie? You try to tolerate what your partner likes. That's just a relationship basic. And that doesn't include bitching about it on FML.

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