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This happened to me the first time I was donating blood. The guy messed up and put the needle through my vain, which bled into my arm. I never donated blood again.


Bled into your arm? Did he forget to apply pressure? Most veins will clot up in less than 30 seconds with pressure unless there is an underlying bleeding disorder.

When I was in labor with my son I had a crappy nurse miss my vein 6 times trying to hook me up to an IV. Then, after she finally got it in she stepped on the line, broke it in half, and shot my blood all over the delivery room floor. Then the guy with epidural came in, laid a foot long needle on the table and made me sign a release that said if he punctured my spinal fluid I wouldn't sue. Doctors are so scary.

Oh gosh, that is the oldest joke in the book when it comes to nurses. They only hear I am scared to be stuck 100 times a day. The worst to whine are men and people covered in tattoos.

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