By Baby Bethy - / Sunday 25 December 2016 04:00 / United States
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By  TheLemonMan  |  24

I'm pretty sure if I made a pun about this being a 'flight of fancy' or something, I would get spammed with downvotes, so I'll just say: That sucks. Hopefully you can work everything out.

  itssnotfunny  |  24

Well it depends on when the flight departed. if it left in anything less than 1.5 hours, there would be no point since they'd miss it and have to turn back around anyways.

By  breedles  |  28

At first, I thought you meant Washington state, and I was actually beyond impressed that you got to Maine in only eleven hours. Then I realized, you probably meant Washington DC and I'm an idiot. Anyhow, that is unfortunate, but at least you made it there. Happy holidays, OP

By  KrDizzy  |  14

11 hour drive from Washington to Maine? How is that even possible? I live in Washington and my flight to Pennsylvania in 2 weeks, is about 6 hours.

  Cali  |  45

There's a magical place called Washington D.C. where the people in suits decide the future of the nation... I'm sure they mentioned it in school.

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