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OP here. To clarify for the haters, I do know what a date is supposed to be, I'm not an idiot. We had been planning to meet up for weeks. The date was lame, hence why I posted to FML. But it was definitely intended as a real date, accompanied by dinner and shopping a few other stores. No errands were ran, No groceries or Tp was purchased. I visited a few coworkers & he picked up a few electronics items. and no I didn't buy it or use my employee discount. It was my day off & he knew it was my workplace.
By anonpbc - / Wednesday 28 January 2015 13:51 / United States - Salina
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By  teapotrevolt  |  27

I guess the bright side is that he took you out! Maybe date number two will be more inventive!!

By  KhaleesiDannie  |  26

Do much fun going to work for a date that sucks OP hopefully if there's a second date he picks a better place

  photographer49  |  22

#8 Sometimes it's fun to mess around in Target. Maybe it depends on your date? I agree it is a shitty date place but me and my friends always have a blast in Target. Maybe the guy has fun there too and thought it would be fun?

  doctorhook86  |  24

#8: Here in Canadia, where Target recently announced that its time here has been a huge failure and that it will file for bankruptcy, going to Target is an opportunity to loot and pillage like a Viking as they liquidate stock at clearance prices. Is Target that much fun in other the United States?

  starile  |  19

... what's "other the United States"? Do you consider yourselves a state? And fuck yes our Targets are fun as all hell. Pretty sure Target sells 12-packs of 'Murica-sized Fun at 50% off.

  doctorhook86  |  24

#61: Don't flatter yourself, "other" was just an extra word that you can safely ignore. That said, if any Americans would like to petition to become a new Canadian province, we will consider it.

  DanielleinDC  |  29

I wouldn't consider going to Target a first-date activity, though. It might be a stop on said date if the guy (or gal) needs to pick something up. But you don't ask someone out on a date and take them to Target.


Team member discount is only 10%, unless you use the red-card with it (which ANYONE can get) which then gets you another 5%. But to add to that, you can't even use your team member unless you pay with a target card or cash. No other debt or credit cards allowed. It's stupid.

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