By AnnoyedWoman - / Sunday 17 August 2014 10:19 / United Kingdom - Southampton
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  pwnman  |  33

Even though I camp in CoD, I hate people who camp in CoD.

  Arwen_Evenstar  |  37

Unless it was his idea, I'd not blame him. I mean really, who enjoys camping? Especially in the UK, its probably raining!!!

  Hopein2025  |  14

What is with men and video games?

  EchoSerenity  |  15

Or next time hide the game council before leaving or hide the cords or controllers.

By  Aquaman911  |  18

10th Prestige I believe ;)

By  laughmaster  |  9

Hey, he could've been cheating on you though, atleast it's only cod

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