By becstar90 - / Friday 5 June 2009 04:21 / United States
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  americuzz  |  8

it's not his fault. teeth are bones so some people teeth are yellow doesn't always mean they are not dirty. I have a friend who has yellow teeth but always cleans them. it not like u can choose what colour your teeth are.

By  amy397123  |  0

Yuck. Brush your teeth.

By  24788  |  5

It's not always just brushing your teeth. Some people just get yellow teeth over time. I'd recommend getting your teeth whitened. Many people do it nowadays and it's not that expensive.

By  FurrTrap  |  0

Technology can do some terrible things.... If you tried it again at high noon with a cooler light, maybe your teeth wouldn't have shown up! Colours and the colour temperature of light can be tricky things.

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