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  writergirl69  |  5

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By  EbonyGoddess  |  7

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  DameGreyWulf  |  6

She should at least give him a chance, anyway! I mean, he cares about her (trying to cheer her up), and he finds her attractive. Or is she lesbian? Then again, she might be so close she thinks of him more as a brother. Which really sucks for him, I know how THAT feels...

By  smartieee  |  6

i think i get this.. at first i was like "thats a good thing..?" but then the friend said whenever he walks BEHIND herr.. possibly meaning he doesn't like her face? idk.

  fuckmrsoftee  |  24

naturally, although i've never had a thing for that-i know tons of guys who do. they also listen to a song with the unforgetable chorus; my milkshake bring all the boners to my kitchen table for the perfect bj.. have you heard that song rockin' robin though; he rocks in the tree top all the day long; hopin' and a bopin' and a smokin' that bong chica-chica classic

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