By ooops - / Thursday 3 September 2009 00:18 / United States
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Fett: that was a sexist and unnecessary comment. are you from somewhere where women have no rights or something?

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By  zeal

Wow...you kinda deserved it, but it was also partly your friend's fault for wanting to read the sign after you had already passed it.


it happens a lot, but YDI for not even reading the sign in the first place. you're in a parking lot, it's not like you were going too fast to take the time to read the whole thing

I wanna know how fast she was backing up that she couldn't hear/feel the back tires pop to at least only have 2 out instead of all 4.


there are special spikes that only slash ur tires if ur going the wrong way...it's too keep people from getting in or running away with something important


Did you not read what you are replying to? They said how come the driver could not hear the first two tires going... not why spikes came up at all... -.-

YDI. Not only were you stupid enough to not notice you were sign in the first place, but then you also didn't notice the bump as you hit the spikes, then also shredded not only your back tires like a moron, but kept going and shredded all your tires. I call fake on this.

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