By anonymous / Tuesday 27 December 2011 22:32 / United States
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  evilscorpi  |  27

omg woow women just get nastier day by day

By  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

Save the earth! Flip it over and reuse!

  mom2pen  |  4

You can't "flip over" a tampon, it is a cotton like plug inserted into a vjayjay to absorb the blood. The entire thing would be soaked in blood. You are thinking of a sanitary napkin which has a protective barrier on the "flip side" to prevent leaking through onto the panties that they are attached to.

  mom2pen  |  4

I realize that, "flipping it over" was an ignorant statement that made no sense.

  zombicidal  |  11

its a direct quote from cartman in the towlie episode where he bribes stans mom into buying an okama game sphere because he found a bloody tampon in the bathroom trash and thought it was an aborted fetus

  PhoenixMuffin  |  12

Yum: Y-ou're U-tterly M-istaking My comment was obviously a joke. Why would anyone like a bloody tampon? The fact that you thought I would kind of disturbs me.

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