By Andrew / Wednesday 12 October 2011 01:11 / United States
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By  HeavyScout  |  0


  doodfunnyguy  |  0

help i dont get fml

  evilscorpi  |  29

your a female and u smell??? you should know better

  Keyman1212  |  14

Do you smell of tuna... Cause a dirty pussy can smell pretty bad...

  alejandratx  |  8

Maybe that's her bf name?
Hope so.... O_o

  cmars3  |  7

It's not mean. Out of consideration for other people (especially the one you are dating) you should have good hygiene. If I was stinky I would want my boyfriend to tell me so I could take care of it. Respect.

  Youdrongo  |  0

Anyone else scream out "DAMN!" in a crowded room while reading this on your mobile device and experience that extremely awkward moment when EVERYONE stares at you for a good five seconds?

No? Just me? Alright...

By  enonymous  |  8

5:1 odds she made a comeback about his small penis

  iEthan  |  5

There both men. Know your facts before you make your ridiculous comments.

  enonymous  |  8

62- Vegas is sexist it's now 13:1 women are more likely to do this shit. Honestly I don't give a fuck if OP was a guy, a girl, or that beaver that saves that one motorist from the bridge being flooded. I'll take a peek at the sex on the app but if none is listed then that's their fault and they will incur a heavy penalty.

By  Enslaved  |  36

Ouch! Maybe next time he could suggest jumping in the shower together. And also be aware of your B.O. Try keeping it fresh down there and he'll thank you! Lol

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