By furball - / Sunday 15 June 2014 20:01 / - Inchture
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By  cassiecassie559  |  21

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  sweetbliss3  |  37

that was a silly comment #1. on another note- it doesnt matter how someone looks, big, tall, short, fat thats not up for a complete stranger to be a huge dickhole about. whether one thinks something or not, if we all said everything on our minds- well we'd all be screwed

  whycantisignup  |  24

"Not like there's a difference for you" "I know you are, but what am I?" Don't worry, I know it was an honest mistake and that's fine, I just wanted to point it out because I'm a jerk like that. Sorry lol

  noobienick  |  19

Apply ice to burned area

  badluckalex  |  23

squeez fresh lemons on and douse burns with vinegar for a quick recovery

  Gotenks483  |  5

Or some burn heal to that burn

  PenguinBitch  |  43

@56. Nope! A lot of foods have chemicals and that's a bad idea. What the other kid said, apply cold water only, nothing more.

Certified First Aid

  cumberbunny  |  17

I want to join the pattern. Everyone downvote me please

By  dallinlueck  |  6

I feel really sorry for you

  shudson186  |  17

Agreed #47, anyone who supports Sea World/ Marine Land should shove a stick up their ass and get closed in a small box. They could possibly for a fraction of a second understand what these animals go through day and night.

  DaMann360  |  19

Yes you do #6, yes you do...if you wanna get shot

  miianah1  |  22

He deserved it for calling it selfie mode. Jk.

That really sucks. I agree with you, #6. (Except for the fuck humanity). How can a sane person think that it's okay to outspokenly insult someone they don't know, and in front of other people? It's amazing how some people think (or don't, in this case). FYL, OP.

  HeyTherexxx  |  21

Yes! Apparently the "treat others how you want to be treated" kindergarten rule never stuck with some. What's the point of being bitter and mean to anybody? Especially a stranger.

By  mt631  |  18

Why do people think it's OK to insult random people they don't know? You don't know that person or what they're going through. That guy needs to stop being a childish ass.

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