By o_O - / Sunday 23 June 2013 17:26 / United States - Bowling Green
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  Iceman225  |  11

Knife that ****** and get the heck out of that place.

  Axipiter  |  24

8 and 25, I have rarely been brought to outright laughter that I can't hold in, by anything I usually read on the internet. Now I'm getting funny looks from people for it. Well done, sirs!

By  mrcool4847  |  10

He's probably married....

  mario2012  |  18

I just reread the FML. It does make sense, just not very funny.

By  friedpwnadge  |  25

Don't get your fur in a ball, I'm sure that he cat wait to get home and stretch out on the bed. He's a veterinarian, he has felines just like the rest of us.

By  MGITSWFTC  |  17

This would be a lot less worrying if he was a gynocologist

By  liblob  |  6

at least u werent at the doctors

  tj4234  |  35


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