By mia / Thursday 29 December 2016 22:35 / United States - Wakefield
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By  Zealous57  |  0

I also said that to my parents and they didn't believe me. You know your body better than they do so insist on getting tested. My body ends up getting full after eating a lot of dairy trying to protect itself so I don't get super sick. It's different for everyone. I found out that I was highly lactose intolerant and found out I can't digest lactose at all. It's been 2 years and I'm still struggling to eat dairy free. You really need a support system to do so. There's also lactaid pills that you can consume when you take dairy to help digest dairy products at like Walmart or Target. They're expensive, but they help you with stomachaches and indigestion when you crave ice cream or chocolate. Pinterest dairy free recipes and there are lots of dairy free alternatives at Whole Food stores. Good luck!

By  RichardPencil  |  22

Do a test. Peel the cheese off your slices and give it to your mom. If you don't get gas or diarrhea, you may be lactose-intolerant. And your mom gets extra cheese for free. Win-win!

  Thor1012  |  28

don't believe in it? take it from someone who has an allergy.. any food crossed or mixed in can make me incredibly ill.. same can happen any allergy. Clearly very uneducated in the matter

By  Isa_fml  |  19

Maybe try some Lactaid. :) You can get it at any drugstore.

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