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Actually I've been with him for 3 years now... It's a mutual thing with us, we both pleasure each other like that equally, I think that's why he was bummed out. Usually it's everyday with us....
By Lauren324 / Saturday 26 January 2013 07:18 / Canada - Toronto
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By  sens3sfailing  |  24

well I beat hes headed for the dog house!

  sens3sfailing  |  24

oh well, bad joke. I though it was funny, I was wrong :P

  TheChiver  |  7

#26 I think you're just digging your grave deeper, buddy.

  accioshannon  |  17

If your profile picture is a meme, chances are your comment won't be too popular.

By  BigDogMatt  |  13

That sucks... Too bad you can't. Hahaha


It was awful. I don't want my eyes defiled by some guy's uncontrollable text-laughter spam, especially on the front page. Leave that shit on the 2nd page, where only the truly adventurous will ever make it that far.

  yannabanah  |  9


  tylermt1999  |  17

39, Your profile picture and your comment made my my day

  Voij  |  16

And apparently it's also not popular/common to take your time and get to know someone before you go down on them on a regular basis.

  S182  |  15

Why is he an asshole? He probably wasn't worried about her surgery because its 2013 and dentists these days tend to be pretty good at what they do....

By  danial1214  |  21

Just tell him you guys can have more sex?

By  tonygar  |  12

Time to start Anal Month!!

By  supportcommand  |  17

Two out of three are in working order though right? Unless Aunt Flo is there.

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