By wtf. - / Tuesday 2 June 2009 16:46 / United States
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okay. OP here. yes, i created an account just to answer some questions. 1) i am a girl. but really, i'm sorry. it's pretty much just as creepy as if i were a guy. 2) the reason he didn't hear me or see me is because the way my house is set up, it's a two-story house with a full finished basement. i live in the basement. i was coming up the stairs, and the kitchen is at the top of the stairs. so i was still near the bottom of the stairs, he was up at the top in the kitchen. also, he w


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hahahaha! funny! tell ur parents. bak where he used to live, he might have been a rapest or molester. that might be why he's at ur house and not in his old town. think of what ur gonna say, then tell ur parents asap

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