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  dirtyblond  |  4

FOREST Definition: A person who doesn't fuck around. Is very tall and very big. Always carry's a weapon with him. He is able to knock someone out with one blow to the face. When you see a Forest, you run. Example: "What happened to you?!" "This Forest came out of nowhere and kicked the shit out of me."

  cockoftherock  |  0

ya sorry hun (dirty blond) but your definition was pathetic. it was put on an online source by some loser who wants to create a false persona on a website for those with the name forest. and he did this for dumbass's like you. almost forgot....isn't run forest run, and the forest I was referring to from the movie FOREST gump. ya thought so

  dirtyblond  |  4

Definition: The creation of satan. designed to destroy the existence of mankind. Example: Proof that girls are evil: First, girls need time and money: Girl = Time * Money And we know that time is money: Girl = Money * Money We also know that money is the root of all evil: Money = Evil ^ 1/2 Therefore: Money ^ 2 = Evil So we are forced to conclude that: Girl = Evil

  McMan  |  23

Maybe it was a large hill with a lot of trees. I'd hate to walk down a large hill when I could just snowboard down it or never find it again because it was lost among the trees.

  buchikiki  |  0

dude. letting a board down a hill is dangerous to everyone else. it can pick up speed pretty fast and could knock people off or something. idk, i'd be scared of a loose board sliding down towards me, lol.


well actually you have to wear a glove because when your going really fast down a hill it can be dangerous not to wear a glove. if you fell that ice will cut your hand up really bad.


Today, I met a new guy at work who would not stop hitting on me. We ended up on a six hour shift together watching a pool, so we were wearing nothing but bathing suits when he began grabbing me inappropriately. When I confided in my female coworker about it, she told me he was her husband. FML

By lifeguardlechery - / Tuesday 14 September 2010 04:15 / United States
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