By lonelyguy - / Saturday 28 November 2009 03:02 / Puerto Rico
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My question is how come OP didn't know that she had a boyfriend? you think that he would have known whether she was single or not before he invited her

I wouldn't let someone invite a friend to my family dinner. WTF is wrong with her for thinking that would be ok? I've never done a thanksgiving thing but I assume it's a very family orientated thing so where's her family? :/


YDI didn't you wonder think it was weird to ask to bring a friend to someone else's family holiday meal. and also YDI for "crushing" and of course not letting the crushee know it. Has the internet scared people so much that no one will tell if they are interested.

your an idiot for having a crush and not knowing they have a BF. and when she asked to bring someone. tell he FUCK NO. you asked her. thats supposed to be your chance you douche. totally deserved it

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