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do you mean Grand Central Station? maybe they mugged you cause they could tell you weren't from NYC. of course I didn't look at any of your geographic info, so I'm probably just being silly


#31, I was wondering who was gonna say something about that. actually I think she was using the slang term "just" to mean "justice". so she was calling my justice silly this may be because I use a gavel that squeaks when I bang it on the bench, or because I sometimes sentence offenders to 2 squirts from the water-squirting flower I wear on my lapel instead of handing down jail time. silly indeed.


Sarcasm, right? It's hard to tell if you're foolishly telling OP to fight two assailants over things or if you're sarcastically saying that because you know it's terrible advice.

What is it with people saying, "Well you shouldn't have had Object X out on display!" The persons wallet was stolen too. Does that mean they were flashing their wallet around? Or maybe, JUST MAYBE, the OP recieved a call during his little tour. Chances are, the muggers found the phone while looking for the wallet. People need to stop acting so ignorant..

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