By husbands addiction / Wednesday 26 March 2014 18:00 / United States - San Francisco
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  parism143  |  28

I can't believe this entire thread (except for #1) misspelled 'Bieber', when first and foremost it is written in the FML, and it is written correctly in the thread you are commenting on.
I mean I can understand if you don't give a flying fuck about him, but come on.

  euphoricness  |  28

Leave justin alone, he's my idol and he has done very inspirational things to change my life positively

  parism143  |  28

Guys, can you just not? I like Justin Bieber, yes, have for the past five years and I can hoenstly say that if it weren't for his "stupid girl music" I wouldn't be alive here today. He's helped me more than anyone I know personally has, even if he doesn't know of my existence.
It's just dumb of everyone to think that millions of beliebers across the globe are going to hate his guts because he got involved in some bad shit. Think of your favourite person on this Earth. Your favourite family member, best friend, whatever. If they got involved in drugs and got arrested, you wouldn't turn your back on them, would you?
Just because we forgive him for the things he's done doesn't mean we approve of them. We just want to help him get out of a rough patch.
Don't judge someone for their taste in music. There is no bad music, there is no good. There are only opinions.
Also, a point I'd like to clarify; just because someone listens to Justin Bieber doesn't mean they are necessarily a prepubescent tween girl who listens to nothing else but One Direction. I'm a rocker chick, a metalhead, kpop fan, and belieber all in one.
Don't stereotype.
Sorry for the long comment. It was needed.

  parism143  |  28

I'm really not overreacting. I've been through this shit over and over again since 2009. If someone said something harsh about someone you look up to greatly, you'd do the same.
Point of the matter is; don't apologise for having an opinion. Apologise if you're rude about it.
Thank you very much.

  nick347b  |  6

71, supporting a friend or a family member is one thing, but idolizing a huge jerk to the point where you would date or marry him given the opportunity, is very unhealthy. Imagine your idea of a perfect, classy boyfriend doing the stuff he does and you will realize how low he really is.

74, you forgot repeatedly performing shirtless with his incredibly baggy pants sagging BELOW his ass and his underwear bulge on full display in front of 10 year old girls for long periods of time.

  robotiick7  |  23

49- justin beiber is a dick, he has gotten a dwi, dui, he has egged his neighbors house, he started a trend called cut for beiber and he didn't do anything about it. He made all of Disney world shut down for a full day so he can go and he tortured the workers. He made them cancel all reservations and their restaurant so he could eat there, when he showed up he was in a rope and his boxers and when he said he wanted a vegan steak(he's never tried anything vegan before) they made him one and when he tried It he spit it out In the chefs face. Does that sound like anything a good role model would do?

  DanielleinDC  |  31

While I agree with most of your comment, 74, I have to say that Michael Jackson was a totally fucked-up dude with a penchant for little kids and a serious drug addiction that the people around him, including his doctor, enabled. I don't think fame made him that way but having an abusive father who wanted to live off the talent of his children probably did.

As for Bieber, I haven't heard a single song of his, and I hope it stays that way. It was bad enough that i had to hear Robin Thicke's date rape anthem on the radio because our rental car didn't have XM or a USB for playing my iPod.

As for you, OP, I sincerely hope your husband bought the music for your daughter, but I'm guessing not. I just hope he uses earphones when he listens.

  boredgirl123  |  11

#68-did you know that Justin spit on one of your fellow "beleibers" from one of his hotel balcony's? This girl was literally in tears because she was able to see him in person. And he literally spit on her face from above. Would he still be a good guy if he spot on you? Lol no. But it's "okay" because "people make mistakes." No, when you're a tool, that's just your personality.
And really you're going to compare him to family and a best friend? Lol that's just... just stop.

By  catfish24  |  4

Your husband has a good taste in music, doesn't he?

By  Simbaby  |  23

Umm.... Good taste huh?..

  Pleonasm  |  31

Why? Is manhood suddenly defined by what kind of music we like? What kind of melodies, vibrations please us most?
So what you're saying is someone can only be a man if he buys into your idea of what a man should listen to or do.

Sure, Bieber's a dick, but that's not his music, and to go so far as to say someone is a wuss, and even less than a man/real man for appreciating one type of music or another is something else.

  Pleonasm  |  31

That wasn't the reason behind the insult to the husband here; this wasn't a debate on the moral issues of the Justin Bieber so much as his music, but even then, I wouldn't go as far as to consider anyone less than a man for what they listen to. Maybe I wouldn't be able to relate, or even understand, but that's not the point here.
The point here for me was people's lack of understandung of others and a trigger finger for remarks about what roles someone should fill, lest they be looked down upon.

And if LP were good before, then essentially they still are in the core of the music; it's the idea of what Ian did that you can't get past. I wouldn't hold anything against the other band members and I think that I would be doing disservice to the other members to vow never to listen to their past or future music, whatever it may be.

  zBLAKEz  |  23

The reason that I have such a problem with people buying Justin Bieber stuff is because you're lining the pockets of somebody who doesn't deserve it. Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way, but I just dislike it so much because you're giving somebody something that they don't deserve at all. If you really like his music that much, then go pirate it, but don't fuel the bank account of a millionaire who's mentally 8 years old.

Everybody does have a right to listen to what music they want and not be judged about it. I know that there's some music I feel pretty shameful about liking. But you can't say that buying his music is completely unrelated to approving of his failure to be a decent person (I think you said that somewhere in your comments, but I may be wrong) when you're filling his pockets.

  babygurll19  |  10


Yes, let's do something completely illegal that can get us fines, jail time, and a negative mark on our legal record because we don't want to support the music economy and keep it alive by actually paying for music because we don't think they "deserve it."

You sound ignorant. Music artists work EXTREMELY hard to do all they do. Writing, recording countless hours in the studio, marketing meetings, in addition to so many hours away from family and friends while being on tour. Not to mention the hard work it took to get to that point in the first place. It may not be a lot to you, but you try to do it. It is a legal job they work for so yes, they do deserve the money!

  littlekellilee  |  44

He "co-wrote" most of the songs (whatever that means) , and the only "marketing" he does is perform the stunts he does, like saying he's retiring and peeing in a bucket, things he does that gets press time. He's not the one coming up with marketing campaigns. And playing guitar on YouTube wasn't working hard. Yes, he practiced, but he didn't go through hours finding gigs and band members and trying to get discovered. I know many artists who wrote their own songs and work harder to get discovered, including doing their own marketing, who deserve my money much more than a kid who drag races in the middle of a community. Not that I'd pirate his stuff. If I was getting pop music, I'd go for music sang by well behaved role models instead of one teaching our youth to misbehave, get arrested, and do drugs.

  littlekellilee  |  44

He doesn't deserve the money he gets. He does work hard (though so do other hard working people), but his behavior is disrespectful to so many people, like the one who discovered him and the people that work so hard to make him famous. His deposition was a disgrace, and he's just teaching kids to be the same as him. If that's the music you like, at least give your money to people like Beyoncé or Katy Perry, or some other person who aims to show people good morals and are thankful for where they've gotten. I don't have hate, it's not like I get angry when I hear about him, I just have a lot of disgust for someone who could have done such great things, and am sad for the fact that people regard him so much higher than people doing great things for society and our world. I sincerely hope he gets his act together, or he'll just be another sad statistic of child celebrities.

  Welshite  |  39

Yes. The Husband Return Policy is a great service some stores offer. I've had to return three husbands because they turned out defective, but I'm quite content with my current partner.

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