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True. It`s not a real FML at all. I feel worse for his or her friends, seeing as the OP doesn't find them important enough to be grateful for. Guess we know even those '8' friends won`t last long.

You should have known how many invitations you needed. You deserved it since you probably ASSUMED you had 100 people to invite, when in fact you only have 8 friends. Seriously.

#3 shut the fuck up. Your one of those people who comment on every single FML thinking your the shit. The fact of this FML is that he only had 8 friends, not that he wasted his money on the cards. Go fuck youself :)

Definitely quality over quantity, but you should be fully aware of this before you decide to buy a pack of 100. Even if I technically know 100 people well enough to invite them to a party, I don't really think I'd want to.

Aw, I'm sorry. To be honest...there aren't many people I would want to invite to such an event, either. So long as the friends you have a TRUE friends, don't worry about it! The people who could send out 100 invites are often faking connections that aren't really there

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