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So #26, what would people from other countries do in this situation? Perhaps OP should invite the attorney who stole all their money over for Sunday dinner? OP almost lost their family home, dick.


The attorney can take that bill, turn that sumbitch sideways, and stick it straight up his candy ass. People that wrong others and and beg the people they wronged not to talk are some of the most morally degenerate people out there.

Report him to your local Bar Association. If it's bad enough they might disbar him. Also, if he caused you harm or cost you money, sue him. If it's a small amount, take him to small claims court. That way you avoid using another lawyer altogether.


I didn't want to assume. He may have nearly cost them their house by not filing paperwork and not involved a lot of money at all. This nearly happened to a friend of mine where it was the bank that caught it and fixed it. Theft of money is another matter altogether and Will cause a disbarment.


Contact the state bar and file a complaint. There is no excuse for stealing client funds and I'm pretty sure begging to not be turned in isn't working on your case, even if he begged for over 6 minutes.

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