By pandora - / Wednesday 13 June 2012 09:08 / Israel - Palmahim
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Hey I just woke up here, and this is crazy.. But here's me number, so call me maybe?

  humorizer  |  14

Smokers these days... They do their bad habit even when they're having a fever. :/

  xoconnie  |  8

while you were sleeping or when u realized he was hot? lol imagine OP waking up, seeing him and suddenly drool starts coming out of her mouth hahaha

  rainbowglass  |  5

I once fell asleep on the bus and woke up to a lady pushing my head off her shoulders. She was still upset, despite how many times I apologized.

At least your headrest was a lot more accommodating! :)

  Octain  |  13


By  Feared  |  9

It's better than being on a date with a sexy guy, and sharting when you try to let out a silent fart.

  XtraEzeee  |  8

It's also better than being on a date, wanting to say something, but then getting your head chopped off in the park. But I don't see how either of our scenarios are relevant.

  Feared  |  9

They are relevant considering they are both awkward scenarios that happen around guys...obviously.

  LoganBurrito  |  6

I don't always post overused jokes and swear, but when I do, fuck.

  LoganBurrito  |  6

A lot :3
I'm having fun though, so sorry if I forgot to care about what random people that I don't know think of me.
Bring on more thumbs down! I've been on a losing streak lately, so I wanna try to break my negative record on these failed comments.

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