By Anonymous - / Wednesday 11 May 2011 14:10 / Australia
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  AlyshaDeShae  |  20

29: Oh, well, I guess this is why I don't go in sex stores. I would never consider being tickled to be sexy or flirty or anything other than frustrating and annoying.

  iReadFmlsFml  |  20

My girlfriend always tries to hurt me when I tickle her, although she does think it's sexy. But yeah OP, you should've seen that one coming, hope you get well soon. I'm sorry if I may seem like a bad person, but I laughed when I read that he elbowed you, I figured the knee would be the correct reaction

  iEnvade  |  32

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  YacL  |  32

Exactly. Bad shit happens when I tickle people/people tickle me. Somebody always ends up getting a knee to the face or something...

By  fatalkiss  |  16

Some people, when tickled, spazz out & start defending themselves any way they can. When my boyfriend tickles me, he always gets hurt in the end. I can't help it...guessing your bf is the same way as me when it comes to being tickled.

  AlyshaDeShae  |  16

I may have accidentally kicked my mom in the face and stomach while punching at her arm when she tried to tickle my feet once... It may have been the last time she tried to tickle me, too. O_o

By  fatalkiss  |  16

Some people spazz out & start defending themselves in any way possible. I kick, squirm, pinch, bite, pull on random body parts of the "attacker". I almost ripped my boyfriend's ear off one time...

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